About Alex

Welcome to the web site of Alex Hekstra.

Alex has been involved in Software Engineering for over 25 years, since 2003 mostly focused on SharePoint development, but never completely losing touch with other platforms. Since 2010 the scope of work and projects has become much more diverse.

Although SharePoint is a great product, it has many little things that makes one wonder who's really gone mad. At periods, hours, sometimes days were filled with struggling with seemingly easy things, searching the internet for documentation, reading articles of fellow bloggers and community contributions to various fora, some information is only gathered by trial and error.

More recently, I've been doing all kinds of consultancy and development work which was not really interesting to blog about. More current stuff is more focused on hardware development, which seems to be more interesting again, so I've picked up writing for the internet community again.

This site is currently dedicated to sharing my findings on software and hardware development to the community. Just to contribute my bit.

Started in October 2013, and the plan is to add more and more information.

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